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Zombie Diary Hack – iOS and Android


Zombie Diary Hack screenshotZombie Diary is quite  a new game but it is one that gains popularity fast. Duh! It is a zombie game. We thus created the Zombie Diary hack tool to help you kill all the zombies that you want. If you played the game, you surely know that in order to do that you need a lot of diamonds and gold. That is what this hack offers but there are also other features you will surely appreciate.

Zombie Diary Hack Features:

  • compatible with all ios and android devices
  • completely undetectable
  • add gold coins – unlimited
  • add diamonds – unlimited
  • uses proxy connections
  • unlimited ammo

How to use the hack tool:

  1. Click the download button below and follow instructions to get the latest version of the hack tool
  2. Run the hack tool
  3. Connect your device to the PC
  4. Choose the operating system
  5. Click Detect Device
  6. Select the hack features you want to activate
  7. Write down the amounts you want for the resources
  8. Check Use Proxy if you want to and Check Unlimited Ammo if that is something you want
  9. Click Hack Game
  10. Once the progress bar is over, click Disconnect and remove the device from the computer
  11. You now have all in the game
  12. Click the Donate button in the hack to make a donation – completely optional buy highly appreciated :D


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  1. Im so disapointed… i liked you once, and reloaded too. but now… not anymore. Seems like you dont want to crack the patch. just for fun, “look all the idiots trying to play TWR2, lol ” this is so lame

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