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XBOX One Can Identify Two People That Talk At Once

xbox one kinectXbox One will be launched on November 22 and till then we keep hearing interesting facts about it. The latest news highlights that the brand new Kinect camera is capable of detecting 2 people that talk at the same time according to Phil Harrison, Microsoft vice president.

The Kinect system will be able to do that and understand what people say. There are even mouth movements that can be detected in darker rooms.

There are many things that are interesting with the new Kinect, a device that can detect 6 people at the same time and realize who actually uses the controller so that gaming can go on. You will no longer have a problem during a game as a friend is trying to prank you.

In related news, Kinect will be included in the XBOX One $500 bundle and there are no plans of releasing the new Xbox without the addition of Kinect.


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