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Worms Revolution Extreme Key Generator

worms revolution extreme key generator screenshotQuite a few of our donor friends asked for a working Worms Revolution Extreme key generator so we just had to oblige as a sign of gratitude. You can use this with confidence and we recommend that you share it with your friends. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do that since the game can offer a lot of fun in multiplayer mode.

Key Generator Features:

  • Daily updates
  • All keys generated are actually authentic and taken from the database
  • Generate an unlimited amount of keys
  • Free to use as many times as you desire

How to get the key generator for Worms Revolution Extreme:

  1. Click the download button below to be taken to the direct download page
  2. Follow the instructions to complete a free offer or a survey – necessary as such keys and serial numbers are usually sold for money by scammers
  3. Download the generator
  4. Run it
  5. Click Check Updates
  6. Click Generate
  7. Click Run Hack to automatically hack the game if it is already installed
  8. If not, copy the key and paste it when prompted


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Thoughts on “Worms Revolution Extreme Key Generator”

  1. i’ll just wait to buy the game 40 dollars is cheap, lots of my friends don’t even have it yet.

    you are missing alot when you don’t play this game with friends

  2. Stop talking BULLSHIT!!!

    This realease is working like a charme on Windows 8 x64 !!! If you don’t know how to crack the game even when NFO is present, stop using hacks or better give your computer to someone who exactly knows how to use it *LOWBIRDS*

  3. You’re just being silly now talking in what-ifs. When you have a card like that, you set it up so you screw the opponent over and give yourself a huge advantage.? He set himself up to give a minor advantage.

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