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World Of Warcraft – Level Up Hack On Official Servers

World of warcraft level up hackEvery World Of Warcraft player knows how difficult it is to level up. You buy all the special weapons and even when you have all the gold that you need, it still takes so much time. We can now solve this problem on the official servers. Yes, you read it right. This is a World Of Warcraft hack that basically takes advantage of the fast level up features that you see on pirated servers and translates it on the original servers. The best thing about it is that it is totally undetectable. Instead of trying to figure out how to level up in WOW or downloading various level up books, all you need to do is use this hack tool.

World Of Warcraft Level Up Features

  • Auto Update – when new version of the game appears, simply click level up
  • Undetectable by Blizzard
  • Works on all game installations, no matter the operating system

How To Use the WOW Level Up Hack:

  1. Download the hack from the link below
  2. Extract the file in the archive and run it
  3. Choose the server that you play on
  4. Enter your WOW email address (no password needed)
  5. Enter the name of the character that you want to level up
  6. Press HACK
  7. After the successful message appears, open WOW
  8. Log into the character
  9. Start doing quests as normal but after one quest is done, press SHIFT+L (make sure you have no macro set up for this shortcut)
  10. Your character will automatically level up

Note: You should only press SHIFT+L to level up after you finish a quest since that is what masks the level up. You will have no problems and you will be of the highest level pretty soon. It just takes one day to level up to maximum level with this World of Warcraft hack


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Thoughts on “World Of Warcraft – Level Up Hack On Official Servers”

  1. The game stop working on the load screen for the race anybody have a solution?

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