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Top Eleven Football Manager Hack – Free Tokens and Money

Top Eleven Football Manager Facebook Game

Top Eleven Football Manager Facebook Game

Updated 1st of October 2015

Top Eleven Football Manager is definitely one of the most popular Facebook manager games at the moment. Many see it as the bet soccer manager because of the fact that it perfectly integrates social actions and you get to play against real people while using Facebook, the web platform or a mobile app. A Top Eleven Football manager Facebook hack was clearly necessary though because of the Token problem.

In order to build the best possible team, you need to have many tokens. Those that you get for free are definitely not enough and nobody wants to spend real hard earned cash on tokens. That is why you need this Facebook game hack. It was created especially for the game and it allows you to add up to 100 tokens in just one going, making your team the best one possible.

How To Use The Top Eleven Token hack:

  1. Download the hack from the link below
  2. Open the hack
  3. Enter your Facebook email address. Click Connect
  4. Enter the tokens and cash that you want to add
  5. Click ADD
  6. Wait for the Successful message
  7. Enter the Facebook game and the tokens/cash are there

Nobody will know that you are using a Top Eleven Football Manager hack because of the fact that this nifty one makes it seem like you actually bought the tokens. Below you can find the link to the hack. You will need to download it, add your account and then choose what you want to add to the game.

Keep in mind that this hack only works when you log in with a computer. It is recommended to use Google Chrome but Firefox is also supported. Make sure that you do not put in more than 100 tokens at once and not more than 1,000,000 dollars at once. The hack will add these amounts but the extra tokens and cash will be checked by Top Eleven as any purchase larger than that is always checked. You will have everything deleted from your account. If you use a maximum of 100 tokens daily and 1 million dollars, you will never be caught.

Download the Top Eleven Football Manager Hack Here:



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  1. how do you crack the game, or find the crack files, where do you move the crack files too exactly?

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