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Temple Run 2 Hack for Android and iOS

temple run 2 hack for ios and androidTemple Run was a huge hit and Temple Run 2 is an even bigger hit. This game basically created a new genre and you can now play it on Facebook and on all mobile devices. If you want to get more out of the game, you should think about using our Temple Run 2 Hack. It is perfect for every single person that wants to be able to have an edge in this game and our hack does work on both Android and iOS. However, you will need to follow indications to the letter since you would need to follow the steps exactly as they are written to get the hack working.

The hack includes various interesting features. Make sure that you take a look at the readme file included since that will highlight the use of all the features. We should mention that you get an unlimited coins hack so that you can buy all the upgrades that you may desire and there is also an interesting Unlock All Characters feature that testers loved. Others are included but these 2 are the ones that are constantly used.

How to download and use the Temple Run 2 Hack for iOS and Android:

  1. Click the Download button below
  2. Follow the on page indications to download the hack
  3. Extract the hack from the archive
  4. Connect the mobile device to your PC with an USB cable
  5. Open the hack
  6. Click Detect USB Connection
  7. Click Open Game – the game will automatically be opened on the mobile device
  8. Choose the features that you want to activate and the number of coins to add
  9. Click Hack
  10. Wait until the hack shows a Successful message
  11. That’s it!


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  1. Sometimes I do when the matches are interesting or if I have a hunch in regards to its contents, but it didnt cross my mind this time. I’ll try and remember to make sure to go back and? check.

  2. This? was only the tail end of the game, I was able to get a Warlock to mill through his deck by turn 11. I might post up a game with the mill deck from start to finish. I cant take credit for this deck type though, some of the fans came to me with it.

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