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How To Change Your Crosshair In Gunz and Gunz 2


gunz crosshairThis is a very interesting tutorial that will help all players of Gunz out there. One of the big problems with the game is that nasty crosshair. Players know exactly what we are talking about. The good news is that you can use this little tutorial to change this. In addition, this can be considered as being a Gunz cheat since you can put 2 different crosshairs, one that will be activated when you are targeting.

You need:

  • A .png file for the main crosshair
  • A second .png file for the targeting crosshair

You will need to rename the main crosshair with “crosshair.png” and your targeting crosshair with “crosshair_pick.png”.

Go to the Crosshair folder, which should be in “Gunz\custom\crosshair”. Paste those two images that you want to use. After that, open the game. Go to Options and then MISC. Click the drop-down-menu and choose “Chrosshair type”. Select CUSTOM and then just press OK.


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