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Download Divekick – Crack Included

Download Link for Divekick below

Download Link for Divekick below

Divekick is definitely one fighting game that is weird at first glance as it is basically the only game in the world that uses only 2 buttons. Even if that seems like the game will not be fun, you will be surprised to notice how great the gameplay is. You are basically faced with the fundamentals of fighting games: space, reactions, timing and even mind games.

While for most gamers the best part of the fighting game is the endless set of possible combinations, you should still try to play Divekick. The principle of the game is quite simple. The first button will make the character jump and the second one will make the charcter attack the opponent in a diving motion with a kick. You just need one hit to win the round and the first one to reach 5 rounds wins.

Download Divekick to try a new game type that you surely never played before.

  • Size: 1 CD
  • Format: ISO
  • Crack: Included



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