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Download Batman Arkham Origins BETA Version for PS3 and XBOX 360

download batman arkham origins BETAAs you might have already heard, Batman Arkham Origins is available for BETA multiplayer testing. What you most likely did not know is that the BETA game version that was released also features the entire game and you can actually start playing right now. Those people that received the invites were forced to sign an agreement in which they agreed that this would not be mentioned. We put our hands on the BETA versions for XBOX 360 and PS3. You can now download Batman Arkham Origins and start playing before the official release date, for free. The only problem is that there will be some areas and characters that will not be available. Make sure to come back on the Arkham Origins release date to download the full game.

How to play Batman Arkham Origins BETA:

  1. Download from one of the two links below
  2. Complete a survey to actually download (necessary since such BETA access games are sold for money at the moment)
  3. Extract the image in the archive
  4. Burn
  5. Play the game on your console


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