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DOTA 2 Cheats


DOTA 2 Cheats

We are confident in saying that you most likely know many of these DOTA 2 cheats but just in case you missed some of them, here they are, all together on a nice page. Remember the fact that you can only use these cheat codes for DOTA 2 in the private lobbies that allow the use of cheats. Just press ENTER in order to enter the codes below:

  • -refresh – replenishes mana, health and renews your cooldowns
  • -lvlbots [number] – change the level of the bots to the number you put in
  • -lvlup [number] – gain as many levels as you want – this one is a cheat that is used quite often
  • -gold [number] – gain exactly as much gold as you need
  • -wtf – very interesting DOTA 2 cheat that will make ALL abilities have no cooldown or mana cost. Total carnage
  • -unwtf – disable the code above
  • -killcreeps – self explanatory
  • -killwards – self explanatory
  • -allvision – vision of both of the factions is enabled
  • -respawn – respawns you when dead or moves you to the fountain if alive
  • -spawnrune – random rune is spawn at a location
  • -disablecreepspawn – self explanatory
  • -spawncreeps – automatically spun a creep wave
  • -dumpbots – will display the AI status
  • -spawnneutrals – this will spawn all neutral camps
  • -enablecreepspawn – will enable the creep spawns in the event that they were disabled
  • -startgame – set your timer to ZERO and then start the game automatically


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