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Aion Crafting Bot

aionJust as with most MMORPGs out there, Aion is not so easy when it comes to crafting items. You do need to spend a lot of time on developing the skills and that is definitely not something that you would like about this great game. The Aion Crafting Bot steps in to help you out. This is basically a macro that will simulate your mouse and your keyboard, together with the necessary mouse strokes to basically craft automatically.

Aion Crafting Bot Features:

  • Automatically craft while you are not at the computer
  • All 6 professions of Asmodian and Elyos are supported
  • Skill upgrades automatically handled at 99, 199 and at 299 skill
  • 0.01% change of being detected since the bot does not use memory to write or read
  • Automatic updates included

How To Install The Aion Crafting Bot:

  1. Download the Aion Crafting Bot archive from below. Extract the file inside.
  2. You will need to install Free Macro Player. You can find it HERE.
  3. Open AionAutoCraft.fmp with the use of Free Macro Player.
  4. Leave it running
  5. Open Aion
  6. Press Insert when you want to craft. A GUI will appear with extra instructions and choices
  7. Go grab a coffee while your character does the work alone


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