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Supreme Heroes Hack For iOS

supreme heroes hack for ios screenshotThe Supreme Heroes iOS hack was a long time in the coming but it is now finally available for all people that played the game on their iOS devices. It helps you out a lot since you basically get to add as much supremium and as many bucks as you may desire, a feature that is bound to be highly appreciated by gamers without actually having an impact on the gameplay.

You will also love the fact that this hack tool is really easy to use. It even works for iOS 7 so you will surely not have any problem. In addition, the security features that we included will keep your Apple ID completely safe.

How to use the Supreme Heroes iOS Hack:

  1. Click the button below and follow instructions to download the latest version of this hack
  2. Run it
  3. Connect the iOS device to the computer – USB connection
  4. Click Detect Device
  5. When status changes to Device Detected, select the resources you want to add
  6. Choose how much to add
  7. Click Start Hack
  8. Wait for the Progress bar to indicate 100% and you will receive Successful message
  9. That is it. Play the game with the new resources.


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Thoughts on “Supreme Heroes Hack For iOS”

  1. in episode 1, im playing and bug after jump, player invisble (rather, the player falls from the jump)

  2. use the smash skill (the one where you set a target location to jump to). try different positions/locations, progress bit by bit forward… eventually you’ll get past the bug

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