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Stronghold Kingdoms Hack – Free Cards, Research Points, Premium Tokens And Gold


stronghold kingdoms hackThere are so many people out there that try to hack Stronghold Kingdoms with the use of various programs that eventually get them banned. The problem is not that the game cannot be hacked. the problem is that we are looking at a server-side game. It is not a Facebook game or an online game that uses some sort of advanced gaming feature to hack. Every single move in the game is analyzed and those people that try to use a Stronghold Kingdoms Crown Hack will get their account banned. You need to be smart. With such games, the only hacks that work are those that offer resources you can get in the game and that you can use to buy something else or features that are directly bought with cash. Crowns are not bought with cash in this game and when an increase in Crowns appears without justification, your account is labeled as spam or hack.

In order to help you play the game and gain the edge that the paying players have without actually having to pay, we created this special Stronghold Kingdoms Hack. After months of testing and different accounts used, we figured out what can be added and what cannot be added.

This Stronghold Kingdoms Hack Offers:

  • Card Packs
  • Research Points
  • Premium Tokens (7 days and 30 days)
  • Gold

That is what you need in the game to succeed and do basically everything you want.

How To Download And Use The Stronghold Kingdoms Hack

  1. Download the hack from the link below. Filename “Stronghold Kingdoms Cheat Tool.exe”
  2. Open the hack
  3. Enter your account username (no password needed)
  4. Click DETECT and if you get the Found message, it means that the account is working and can be hacked. The account cannot be hacked if you are in vacation mode so make sure that you are not when you use it.
  5. Enter the number of card packs, research points, premium tokens and gold that you want to add.
  6. Click ADD and wait for the hack to work. The operation will last between 30 seconds and 90 seconds based on CPU speed and internet connection.

NOTE: Only take out 1 30 days premium token at once. More would raise suspicions. That is the only thing you have to be careful with. Have fun!


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Thoughts on “Stronghold Kingdoms Hack – Free Cards, Research Points, Premium Tokens And Gold”

  1. How do you read .sfv files ? How do you install the game ! Pls help
    It’s not a .iso it’s the first time with this kind of files
    Skidrow pls answer ^^

  2. 1. Extract file with: WINRAR
    2. Extract first file “flt-fez0.001” with: 7-ZIP (this will extract all the other files)
    3. Now this two files “flt-fez0.bin”, “flt-fez0.cue” mount them on Virtual Disk with: DAEMON TOOL
    4. Install and add crack… (You can save this files in another folder, just to save the installer)
    5. Play!

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