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Starcraft 2 Undetected Trainer


This Starcraft 2 trainer is  safe from Warden cause it doesn’t inject anything.

  • For example:

– Setting minerals to 3000.
– Setting vespene to 3000.
– Setting supply to 200 (so you don’t have to build pylons, overlords, supply depots).
– Setting Heal on (all your units will take 0 damage).
– Setting Increased Damage (you do 100x normal damage).
– Setting Remove Enemy Resources on (all enemies will have constantly minerals / vespene / supply set to 0 constantly).
– Warping all enemy units to your camera location.
– Warping all your units to your camera location.

  • Features:
  • Maphack
  • Disable Techtree
  • Instant Win (doesn’t work in Campaign or Challenges)
  • Minerals
  • Vespene
  • Terrazine
  • Custom Resources
  • Credits
  • Supply
  • Infinite Resources
  • Healing (you take 0 damage) (works in Lost Viking)
  • Increased Damage (you do 100x more) (works in Lost Viking)
  • Fast Building/Training
  • Removing enemy’s resources
  • Warping enemy units to your camera
  • Warping your units to your camera
  • Infinite energy in StarJewled

Just a note warping is a little strange, the unit will actually be in the new spot but until the unit is moved it will still be shown at the old spot.

We maintain our hacks quality: without any virus, undetected, working and free. Please complete one easy 1-minute offer to download.

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