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Song Pop Hack Tool – Win Every Game!


song pop hackThe Song Pop hack was created for those of you that do not want to lose when playing this game. Our hack works perfectly on the computer and we will try to come up with a version for mobile devices as soon as possible. The reason why we say that this hack will help you to win every single game that you play is the fact that it basically highlights the correct answer every single time. You just have to activate it and when a song pops up in the game, the correct answer will flash green for you.

Your friends will definitely be surprised of the fact that you can answer the questions so quickly and it will seem like you are a music GURU, knowing everything that the game throws at you, no matter the playlist. the best thing about it is that the auto protect features included means that nobody will catch you. We are confident that you will win every single game. The only way in which you could lose is if the opponent also uses the hack and he/she is just a little bit faster than you are.

How to use the hack:

  1. Download the Song Pop Hack tool from below
  2. Run it
  3. Open the Song Pop game in Facebook
  4. Go back to the hack and click ACTIVATE
  5. The correct answer will turn green whenever you play a game


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