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Sky Adventures Coins Hack v3.2


sky adventures hackOur Sky Adventures Hack is finally prepared to meet all the needs that you have. We went through a pretty long testing period with this one and we managed to make it work on all operating systems except Safari. We will include that in an update so that you can easily take advantage of that browser too in the event that you want to use it.

Just as the name implies, this hack will add coins to your account. You can add as much as you want but we do recommend that you only use it for 200,000 coins per 24 hours as anything more can lead towards a ban. If you use it less, it will be perfectly ok and you will not be caught.

How To Use The Sky Adventures Coins Hack

  1. Download the hack from the link below
  2. Log into the Sky Adventures Game
  3. Open the Hack
  4. Choose your browser
  5. Choose how many coins you want to add
  6. Click Generate
  7. Sign out of facebook and log in again.
  8. Enter the game and the coins are there


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Thoughts on “Sky Adventures Coins Hack v3.2”

  1. i have downloaded full version but not working properly. who have uploaded this for you. it is very bad uploaders.

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