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Saints Row 4 Cheats List


saints row 4 cheatsThe fourth game in the Saint Row series got mixed reviews but every single game out there can become much more fun when we use a cheat. Saints Row 4 actually has a lot of cheats. We did not expect that. In order to use a cheat, you would have to pause the game, go to EXTRAS and then enter the CHEATS area. A sound will be played if the cheat you entered is correct.

Keep in mind that achievements and auto save will not work while you activate cheats in Saints Row 4. The only thing that you could do is manually save. This means that you will have to save a lot more often. The cheats list includes many different options raging from cash and repairing vehicle damage to seeing the world completely different and having weapons that do more damage.

The entire list of Saints Row 4 cheats is available in TXT format below:


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