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Pool Live Tour Hack – Get Free Coins

pool live tour

Update: 2nd October 2015

The Pool Live Tour hack is one that you will definitely love, one that is simple and one that you will keep on using. It does just one thing in theory: adds as many coins as you want. However, those coins are very important, just as every single person playing the Facebook game will tell you.

pool live tour before hack

Before the hack was applied

pool live tour after hack

After the hack was applied

Pool Live Tour Hack – Interesting Features:

  • You can use this hack as much as you want
  • Completely Undetectable
  • No Limit to how many coins you would add
  • Auto update – when the hack does not work, click UPDATE
  • Works on absolutely any point in the game. No need to click refresh.

How To Use The Pool Live Hack Tool:

  1. Download from our link below
  2. Open the game in Facebook
  3. Open the hack tool inside the archive you just downloaded
  4. Enter the Facebook username – click CONNECT
  5. If the hack is on and you play the game (Facebook window active) you can press SHIFT+7 to receive 99 coins. You can add as many coins as you want but in batches of 99. We could not include more as it would have been detected.
  6. Keep adding coins whenever you need them
  7. Have a lot of fun!


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Thoughts on “Pool Live Tour Hack – Get Free Coins”

  1. update 1.5 links are down from december 23 at least. I can’t use new updates if no one fix them… please can someone help me?!?

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