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oCd Minecraft x16 Texture Pack

oCd Minecraft x16 Texture Pack

This is one of the most popular texture packs of the moment for Minecraft gamers. It is extremely popular because it is run on x16, which means that the pack can be added on absolutely every computer. It will make the game look and feel different while allowing you to build thing that you never thought possible. The reason why we offer this Minecraft texture pack for download is that we enjoy it. Out of all the different packs, this is the one that we like the most. The only problem is that you will need a Minecraft mod loader in order to use it. Just look on the internet and choose one since there are so many available at the moment.

How to install and download the oCD Minecraft X16 Texture Pack:

  1. Click the download button you will find below
  2. Follow the instructions to download the texture pack
  3. Find the resourcepacks folder where you installed Minecraft
  4. Copy the zip archive there
  5. Run your mod loader
  6. Select the pack and install the textures


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