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Monster Story Android Hack Tool – Add Coins, Gold And Food

monster story hack tool for androidThe Monster Story Android hack tool is exactly what the name implies, a tool that helps you to hack the game in order to basically gain some advantages. In this case you can add as many coins and as much food or gold as you may desire. We are quite confident in saying that this will help you out a lot and you can easily advance faster in the game when you have access to such extra features. To make things perfect, the hack does not require your device to be jailbroken and you can use it as many times as you desire.

How to use the Monster Story Android Hack:

  1. Download the hack tool from the link you will find below
  2. Connect the android device to your computer with the USB cable
  3. Run the hack tool
  4. Click Establish Monster Connection in order to detect the game
  5. When SUCCESS message appears, write down how many coins you want, how much gold you need and the amount of food that you want to see in the game
  6. Click HACK
  7. Wait until the game is hacked by the software
  8. Resources appear automatically when you open the game on your mobile device.


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