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Mini Motor Racing Hack For Android And IOS

Mini Motor Racing HD

Mini Motor Racing HD

Mini Motor Racing is quite a fun filled game but every single player knows how difficult it is. We want to help you out and that is why we created this very interesting Mini Motor Racing Hack tool that will give you access to the possibility of enjoying everything that the game has to offer.

The Mini Motor Racing hack tool for iOS devices and Android offers:

  • Unlocks all the cars
  • Unlocks all the upgrades
  • Unlocks all the tracks
  • Update feature – activate it before running the patch creator so that you are sure that you have the latest version

Using the hack:

  1. Run the tool just as in the video below
  2. The patch that is generated needs to be added to your mobile device (use iTunes for iOS devices – it is so much easier with sync)
  3. Run the patch from the mobile device


Preview of the Mini Motor Racing hack:

Mini Motor Racing Hack Preview

Mini Motor Racing Hack Preview

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Thoughts on “Mini Motor Racing Hack For Android And IOS”

  1. For changing the Language open the SKIDROW.ini ,and now you may delete the “#” in the line #Language = “english” and rewriting with language desired, example:

    #Language = “english”


    Language = “spanish”

    P.S.: The Languages available are: english, french, german, italian and spanish

  2. Should just be a straight copy. Copy data_steam folder contents to your existing folder. Copy all other files to Pinball Fx2 folder. Then copy contents of crack folder to Pinball Fx2 folder. Would do one at a time and do 8 before 9. Had no problems. Good luck.

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