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Microsoft Points Generator 100% Working

Microsoft Points Generator

Do you want that latest add-on, map pack or game? Don’t have the money? Well this Microsoft Points Generator is perfect for you! It is made for those who believe you shouldn’t have to pay for additional entertainment after paying so much already for the console. If you believe this, then continue reading!

What does it do?

The Microsoft Points Generator can be used to generate in a few seconds working codes for your XBox 360. You have the option to choose either 1 month or 1 year Microsoft Points. Here’s a screenshot of it:

Microsoft Points Generator



  1. Download rar.
  2. Extract Microsoft Points Generator.zip
  3. Run the generator.
  4. Select the amount required.
  5. Click generate.
  6. You’ve got your working code!

Is there any risk for my account?

Certainly not! The reason for this is because the codes generated are authentic. Microsoft will have no idea that the code you entered was generated; they’ll think you bought it!

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