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Megapolis Hack – Working Perfectly – October Update 2015

Megapolis Hack Tool 2015Megapolis is quite an addictive Facebook game. There are so many Megapolis hacks on the internet and we have to tell you that the vast majority of them do not work anymore. It would be a shame to lose so much time and use a hack that is not working. Also, some of the hacks were caught and people that were cheating had their accounts terminated. That is definitely not something you want to see happen to you.

Here is a working and tested Megapolis hack tool. You can use it in just a few minutes on absolutely any browser and you will no longer have problems with megabucks and coins. All that you need will be included. The best part about this Megapolis hack is that it works perfectly and cannot be traced since it makes it look like all the features you add are bought. It is impossible for the hack to be caught.

Use the Megapolis Hack:

  • Download the Megapolis Hack Tool – 2015 version – from the link below
  • Open the Megapolis Game
  • Open the Hack
  • Choose the operating system and fill in all the details, including what you want to add
  • Run the hack and wait for it to e done (10 to 50 seconds based on computer)
  • Reload the Megapolis game – you have all added :D

Have Fun with Megapolis




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Thoughts on “Megapolis Hack – Working Perfectly – October Update 2015”

  1. Reasons for late release: 1. It’s being closely guarded. 2. The pirates were paid off. 3. It’s been purposely delayed by the File hosts, who are waiting for good reviews to boost premium subscriptions. Pick one.

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