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Mafia Wars Hack Tool

mafia wars hackThis Mafia Wars Hack tool will be one that you will constantly use and we will be happy if you do that because it was tough to crack. You will be able to use it a maximum of 2 times daily so that you cannot get caught and the maximum that can be added is 100 reward points during one use. The entire action is handled anonymously and the software that is to be used is completely user-friendly. Use it as many times as you want daily with the small limitation that we mentioned. Keep in mind that you will need to have Microsoft NET Framework installed on your computer but if you do not have it, a link will be provided automatically.

Using The Mafia Wars Hack Tool:

  1. Download the hack tool from the link below
  2. Extract the setup file from it and run it
  3. Click Install and install to the desired location
  4. A desktop shortcut will appear when installation is complete
  5. Run the hack tool
  6. Open the Mafia Wars game
  7. Click SYNC in order to create a connection with the game
  8. Blank fields will appear for all that can be added. Choose the amounts that you want
  9. Click Add Now. Wait and after the successful message appears, refresh the browser game

Easy right?


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Thoughts on “Mafia Wars Hack Tool”

  1. disable the anti virus and install the game & directx then past crack the game softly runs good

  2. Il peut tres clairement? entrer dans le deck. Sans doute pour la version 2. Car elle colle parfaitement avec l’id

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