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League Of Legends Cheats [Updated]

Finally a working hack for league of legends. Are you tired of all BS “league of legends hacks”. If your answer is yes then you landed on the right place.

Every league of legends pro should have this tools but not gold hack because is over powered. Please don’t use gold hack because it’s op :D

  • Gold Hack NEW!
  • Better Spell Caster
  • Riot Points Hack NEW!
  • Influence Points Hack NEW!
  • Champions
  • Map Hack  NEW!
  • Better Auto Attack
  • Editable hotkeys (over 30 unique keywords per hotkey)
  • Custom hotkey chat messages
  • Can Zoom (for bad monitors) / Better FPS
  • In game enemy and friendly hero data display
  • Show last seen Enemy location on minimap
  • Show neutrals when spawned timer(Jungle)
  •  Display  number of hits remaining to kill minions(For better farming)

We maintain our hacks quality: without any virus, undetected, working and free. Please complete one easy 1-minute offer to download.

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