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Laboratz Hack Cheat


Today we will be sharing with you, how to get free unlimited pills and coins  for Laboratz Facebook game. Here is a method on how to cheat Laboratz Facebook game and get free pills, coins, and final boosters.



Laboratz is a card game available on Facebook that lets you create an army of rats and use it for battles. The game has a unique battle system where the cards you control should be place on the board, and depending on your cards stats or points, you can make the opposing enemy card yours. When the battle ends, the player with the most number of controlled rats is declared the winner. You can build your own deck and challenge other players in real time setting. Join a game and raise your own rats in duels. Laboratz is free to play and uses pills and coins as its currency. You can buy boosters which increase your card selection and ultimately make your deck better. Collect over 150 different cards, each feature an extraordinary rat artistically designed to make the game experience great for the players. The game is available on different languages including Français, English, Español, Deutsch and Português.

Laboratz Pills and Coins Cheat

Laboratz Coins Cheat gives you unlimited coins in the game.  Coins in the game are needed in order to buy boosters to strengthen your team. You can purchase Booster (contains 3 Special Rats), Super Booster (contains 4 Special Rats and 2 Rare rats), Mega Booster (contains 3 Special Rats, 5 Rare rats, and 1 Very Rare rat) and Final Booster (contains 15 Special Rats, 10 Rare rats and 5 Very Rare rats). Laboratz Pills Cheat allows you to have infinite amount of pills useful to upgrade,  power up, and level up your rats in the Lab.

Utilize this Laboratz cheat and get the best army of rats in the game as quickly as possible. This can also help you get max level of rats easily. Looking for ways on how you can free unlimited pills and coins in Laboratz, then this Facebook game guide will help you solve that problem. Here is a Laboratz guide featuring Laboratz cheat, where you can use to get coins and pills easily.


Laboratz Pills and Coins Cheat: How it Works?

Laboratz coins cheat works by exploiting the currency system in the game. By using this exploit and doing this cheat will make you get free unlimited Laboratz coin in no time. You will also learn how to get unlimited pills for the game. Remember to use this cheat wisely.

Laboratz Pills and Coins Cheat Features

  • Learn how to cheat your pills and coins in Laboratz
  • Free Laboratz Pills, Coins
  • Use the cheat wisely. (Do not abuse.)
  • Follow the instructions carefully indicated in the guide.
  • All of the required tools and step by step Laboratz guide are on the PDF guide.
  • Just follow the necessary steps below to gain access on this latest Laboratz cheat.

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