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Homerun Battle 2 Hack for IOS and Android


homerun battle 2 ios and android hackWe are really to offer this very interesting Homerun Battle 2 hack that you can use for both the Android and the iOS versions of the game. You just need to have your mobile device connected to your PC and all will work perfectly. That is because you need to have the connection established.

This Homerun Battle 2 hack tool will give you the possibility to add as many stars and goldballs as you need, thus making it so much easier to enjoy the game. In addition, you will love the auto update feature. If you are connected to the internet the software will automatically check to see if a new version is available. If so, you will be notified and you can download a new one as soon as you want to.

homerun battle 2 hackHow to use and download the Homerun Battle 2 Hack:

  1. Download the file from the link below
  2. Make sure that you connect your mobile device to your PC with the use of a USB cable
  3. Open the hack tool
  4. Choose your operating system
  5. Click Detect Device
  6. Choose to add stars or goldballs
  7. Click Hack
  8. Enjoy the bonuses

Note: The hack adds the maximum number of goldballs and stars automatically!


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Thoughts on “Homerun Battle 2 Hack for IOS and Android”

  1. Edit.
    I just tried the solution indicated by Yobo on 3-June while debugging the executable (AoK HD.exe) and just find out:
    – the error causing the sudden stop of the program is still there, but the game is able to start anyway
    – the screen resolution for me is about 1360×720; I got it putting it in windowed mode and trying to reduce my setting, and at 1360×768 the game fills the horizontal while vertically my taskbar is visible plus a few more pixels.
    – I had to put -nostartup switch to the link in order to avoid the black screen, though; in my case my shortcut is: “D:\Games\ Age of Empires 2 HD Edition\AoK HD.exe

  2. Hey Nobbel. im really enjoying your HS vids so keep it up. I dont play HS myself but ive been watching some and i keep seeing ppl doing things that dont really make that much sence to me. it seems to me that attacking another card with your “taunt” card isnt the best thing to do. after all they have to go through that card to get to you so the more HP it has the better right? but when you attack another card it looses HP. to me it dosent make sence? to use it unless you have no other cards to use

  3. Olath said to dont copy steam_api with the crack, this solve the problem. Brilliant! Thank you!

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