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Homefront Aimbot Hack And More – version 3.1

homefront aimbot hack toolThe Gold Games Hack Homefront Aimbot hack is one tool that you will definitely use every single time you play. Not only does it offer a headshot aimbot, it aso has various other hacks like many visual hacks, the special Kill All Enemies hack and much more. You can earn so much EXP and advance in the game as you never actually thought possible in the past.

Full list of Homefront Aimbot Hack Features:

  • Headshot Aimbot – customizable for better results
  • Adjust the Aimkey and Field of View
  • Distance ESP – highlights the distance between you and other players
  • Health ESP – know what health the enemy has
  • Weapon ESP – know what weapon the enemy has
  • Kill All Enemies Hack
  • Teleport – special teleport feature to instantly appear behind the enemy
  • Change your name automatically on every played game so you cannot get banned
  • Undetectable
  • Auto-update
  • 3 layers of Anti-ban protection

How To Use The Homefront Aimbot Hack:

  1. Download “Homefront Aimbot Tool v.3.1.zip” from the link below
  2. Extract and run “Homefront Aimbot Hack Tool v.3.1.exe”
  3. Enter your login details and click connect (no password necessary)
  4. Start Homefront
  5. When you log-in a special GUI will appear
  6. Configure your settings and hacks
  7. Close the GUI
  8. Whenever you want to have the GUI appear again press SHIFT+G
  9. Have Fun


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