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GunBound Multi Hack


  • GP Hack (Alt+ Solo Master)
  • Auto-Win (Alt+ Solo Master)
  • Auto JewellWin (Alt+Z): As well this an Auto Win too, could be used in any room and activate it when he shot and someone there is given a good shot.
  • Double Turn (Alt+X) : Well this hack is to steal a turn or you can, but be very quick to use it, have an example: When we are shooting and the time is still running .. shoot the shot as soon as you press the keys on Double Time (Alt+X) and give us back another 20 seconds more .. and so on for every shot a bullet achieve more..
  • Angle 360: Does it give you trouble if the angle reaches a limit and I can not go up or down? With this function you can move at any angle without restrictions, ie, 360.
  • Bunge Shot(Alt + R): This is a kick Bunge Bunge activates the item, making it much more hollow than usual.
  • Health (ALT + T): With active ste the Item1 of endlessly bandage is not necessary to be the Master.
  • Walk Hack: You will have to walk as much as you want, without restriction, walking the whole stretch your turn you want without your move is completed.
  • ITEM DELAY: This function enable Item Delay serves to gain time and steal shifts, ie if you use a Item1 lose no time restriction for the use.


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