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GTA V Online Patch For PS3 and XBOX to go live today

GTA 5 Beta DownloadWhether you downloaded GTA V from us or you bought the game for XBOX or PS3, you surely noticed the fact that there are so many problems with the multiplayer mode, GTA Online. There are countless reports of people not being able to log into the game.

Good news came today from Rockstar as an update was already released for PS3 and in around 24 hours it will be applied to the XBOX 360 Live network. Gamers kept complaining since Tuesday and in an official Rockstar release it was stated that the problems are mostly addressed. We will have to wait until more reports come in to see if the problems were resolved or not.


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Thoughts on “GTA V Online Patch For PS3 and XBOX to go live today”

  1. I made it in the firewall…..and the game still asking the serial key.

    I try install the game with no connection to internet…and the game ask again for key…
    need another crack pls skydrow..ty

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