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GTA V Cheats – Over 100 Cheats for PS3, XBOX and PC


GTA 5 Beta Download

Update: 3rd of October 2015 – We added hundreds of GTA V cheats that you can use!

Ever since GTA, cheat codes were a huge part of the fun equation. We believe that every single person that ever played GTA, any game in the series, used a cheat code at least once. While GTA V is impressive and it is larger than all the GTA games combined till now, this does not mean that the cheat codes would not come out. So far, the cheat codes that appeared are for the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions. That is quite normal since these are the game versions that are the most popular.

The complete list of GTA V cheats is available below. As we learn of new cheats, you will get a new, updated file. So far the cheats that are made public are interesting, ranging from the classic invulnerability to getting flaming bullets.

In order to get the cheat list, click the download button below:


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