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Friendly Fire Hack For Android And IOS

friendly fire game

The Friendly Fire Hack was designed for both iOS and Android use and we are quite confident that you will love using it. It allows you to go over the maximum values that are available in the game, just as the screenshot shows:

friendly fire hack proof

friendly fire hack screenshotIf you download this hack you will gain access to full refill oil, full metal refill and as many gems as you may desire, all in just a couple of minutes. The only thing that you have to do is take a look at the steps that are mentioned below.
How to download and use the Friendly Fire hack Tool:
  1. Click the download button below and follow the steps to download it
  2. Extract the hack from the archive
  3. Start the hack
  4. Connect the Android or IOS device to the PC with USB
  5. Start the Friendly Fire game on the mobile device
  6. Choose Android or iOS and click Connect USB
  7. Choose the resources that you want to add
  8. Click ADD Resources
  9. Wait until the resources are added



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Thoughts on “Friendly Fire Hack For Android And IOS”

  1. Why isn’t this game with crack uploadet on some normal upload server? Downloading with 50kbps speed is fucking slowly 🙁

  2. i can’t install it i download it by torrent and the 63 files appears as unknown files i don’t know how install it or what the proper program for installation can anyone help me in this game?

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