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DragonFable Hack – Free Gold And Dragon Coins


dragon fable hackDragonFable might be a free to play browswer based online fantasy RPG game but when it comes to advancing, you need gold and Dragon Coins. That is why we decided to create this special cash adder hack for you. The hack is very useful for those that do not want to grind and simply want to always have the best armor and weapons that money can buy. You will be able to buy everything with the Dragon Coins and Gold that you can put in the game.

DragonFable hack  features:

  • Auto Update
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Untraceable
  • Works in Firefox and Chrome (sorry IE users, you should change your browser for this hack to work)
  • Free to use

How To Use The DragonFable Hack:

  1. Download from the link below
  2. Extract the file in the archive
  3. Run the DragonFable Hack Tool
  4. Add your game username (no password needed)
  5. Open the game in a browser window
  6. Click Connect
  7. Wait for the successful connection message to appear
  8. Add how many Dragon Coins and Gold coins you want
  9. Click Generate
  10. Log out of the game and then log in. The gold and Dragon coins are added


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Thoughts on “DragonFable Hack – Free Gold And Dragon Coins”

  1. I basically started the game 3 days ago and im about to hit level 30, but I really want a card called “Classic Alice”. So I rooted my phone today JUST to do it and now im dissappointed because it won’t work. Help? =/

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