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DragonBound Aimbot Facebook Hack Cheat Guide

Finally, here is an aimbot for DragonBound Facebook game. Download complete working DragonBound Aimbot and easily beat pros in battles. This aimbot in DragonBound was designed to work with HTML5 game. It works by auto adjusting your aim degrees depending on your position. DragonBound aimbot will perfectly hit enemies that are near you.


What is DragonBound Aimbot

DragonBound aimbot is a software tool that makes a player always hit his/her enemy. By using this program, your chances in winning will raise the bars. This application will be able to match DragonBound pros with ease.

How to Use DragonBound Aimbot

Using the DragonBound Aimbot is easy.

  1. Just log in at Facebook and play the game normally.
  2. Start the aimbot tool you can download below and press the “Facebook connect button”.
  3. Now find or join a room to battle.
  4. Turn on DragonBound aimbot via the tool when you are in the game.
  5. That’s it! You should be able to hit your enemies accurately.

This is a great tool as everyone will label you as a “Pro”. Try to do difficult angle shots and impress your teammates, friends, and even your enemies.

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