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Downlod GTA V For PS3


download GTA V for PS3There was a small delay but we finally have the GTA V PS3 version available for download. Remember that you can also download GTA V for XBOX 360 if that is your platform of choice. We believe that we do not have to talk too much about Grand Theft Auto 5 since this is a game that is surrounded by so much publicity that it is nearly impossible that you do not know things about it. It is expected that the game will sell in over 20 million copies until March 2015 but you can get it for free here. This is the full version of GTA V for PS3 and you can be sure that you can have hours of fun there.

Please remember the fact that we are talking about a 17.9 GB download. It will take some time so be ready to expect that. However, the download can be continued in the event that you have net problems. Enjoy GTA V and read the information below.

How to download GTA V for PS3:

  1. Click the download button below
  2. You will be taken to a new page. Complete one of the free offers there for verification purposes (bandwidth is expensive and thousands of downloads will need to be covered)
  3. Upon successful completion you would be taken to a direct download page
  4. Enter the captcha there and note the archive password
  5. Click Submit and the download will start automatically
  6. When the download is over, use the password to extract the two images from the archive
  7. Burn them on suitable DVDs
  8. Put DVD 1 in your PS3 and have fun!


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Thoughts on “Downlod GTA V For PS3”

  1. The game crashes like hell. Every other location loading. Would be pretty neat game tho. Dunno if it crashes like this with official verzion or not but if it does than…. come on guys…. I

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