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Dark Orbit Uridium Hack

dark orbit uridium hack screenshot

This is a very simple hack that we suggestively named DarkOrbit Uridium Hack. It is a hack for all people that love Dark Orbit, a game that is so incredibly addictive. It is also most likely the simplest of all the hack tools and cheats that you will find. It simply adds all the uridium that you need in the game and all that you actually need to do is type in your Username.

We only offer this hack to 2,000 people. After that it will e in our database of paid downloads, one that people can only access with a membership. Please remember that fact and hurry since downloads are limited.

You are currently looking at one of the simplest hacks that we ever created. It was a request for a friend of ours, John Clementine, a frequent supporter and donator. Although we do not think that it is actually necessary, here is how to use the hack tool:

  1. Click the download button you find below
  2. Complete a free offer or a survey to download – necessary due to the downloads limitation to prevent automatic bot downloads
  3. Run the hack
  4. Enter your game username
  5. Enter how much uridium you want
  6. Click Start Hack
  7. Wait for the progress bar to finish
  8. You are done – simple, right?


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  1. i do not have control options except the console one… what should i do as i dont have console

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