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CrossFire Hack Cheat Tool 2015

Hack CF Download D3D Menu Hack (Updated)
Hack CF is tested on: Winxp,Win7
Cross Fire is a 3D first person shooter that looks and plays a lot like the original Counter Strike. Cross Fire has 4 game modes, like a unique ‘Ghost Mode’
where one team is nearlyinvisible but armed only with knives. Gain ranks, earn GP, buy new guns and keep track of your kill/death and win/loss ratios in this
fast paced tactical shooter.



CrossFire Hack Features:

  • D3D Chams/WallHack 
  • 1 Hit kill 
  • AIMBOT: HeadShots/Body
  • No recoil
  • No Change Delay
  • Sniper No Reload
  •  ShootThrow Wall
  • Walk Throw Wall 
  • Jump Hack 
  • No Gernade Damage
  • Crosshairs 
  • Zombie OHK 50% not working (maybe lags)

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