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Contract Wars Hack Tool – Free CR, SP and GP

contract wars hack screenshot

This is not a hack tool that we created. As you can easily see from the screenshot above, this is a Contract Wars Hack that was developed by a Russian hack team. While it might seem weird when you look at it as you do not know how to use it due to the use of the Russian spelling, we took that for you by including a txt file with detailed instructions on how to use the hack in English. You can so easily use that and then use the hack tool for Contract Wars in order to obtain SP, CR and GP for free. You can even use it as many times as you want so make sure that you do that whenever you ran low on everything you might need. It is impossible to get caught so have all the fun that you want!

How to download and use the Contract Wars Hack Tool:

  1. Download from below
  2. Follow on page instructions to download the hack archive
  3. Extract the files on your desktop for easy access
  4. Open the game
  5. Open the hack
  6. Open the readme.txt file and follow the instructions written there
  7. Choose how many CR, GP and SP you want
  8. Click the middle button in weird characters to hack the game


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  1. wt the fuck is this i cant install the game there no any. EXE or any kind of installation file

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