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Contract Killer 2 Hack for iOS


contract killer 2contract killer 2 ios hack screenshotContract Killer 2 is definitely such a fun iOS game but we do want to help by making it even better. You can thus buy more supplies and have even more fun. We made this one as simple as an iOS hack can be by taking advantage of the Apple ID feature while adding security so that all the resources you can add will appear as if they are bought. As you can easily see from the screenshot to the right, our Contract Killer 2 iOS hack offers you the possibility of adding credits and cash.

How do I use the Contract Killer 2 iOS Hack?

  1. Click the download button  you find below to get the latest hack version
  2. Connect your iOS device to the computer
  3. Open the game
  4. Open the hack on your computer
  5. In the hack section USER ID enter your Apple user
  6. Choose how many credits and how much cash to add
  7. Click Press Start Hack
  8. That is it – all resources are added in real time


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