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Complete Blackshot Hack Cheat – Aimbot, God Mode and ESP

blackshot download - hack toolThe Complete Blackshot hack that we release today is definitely the most complete one that you can find, thus the name. We managed to put an aimbot, the unbeatable god mode hack in and a very useful ESP that you will surely love.

The aimbot is the hack that our testers loved the most. It basically allows you to hit your enemy with every single bullet that you would fire, thus becoming nearly invincible. However, this will not stop the other players from hitting you. While it is something that is normal in a MMOFPS game, if you really want to take things further, you can make use of the God Mode feature. This is a pretty interesting one because it does not work like all the other as it does not give you unlimited health. What it does is identify the opponent when it shoots a bullet and then move your character in a way that you are not hit. It is basically a highly intelligent speed hack that takes advantage of the communications between gaming clients. To all the other people it will appear as if you are really good and really lucky. However, it is a good idea to let them kill you once in a while so that all seems normal. Even the best Blackshot players die from time to time.

The third hack is the player ESP feature that offers various information about the opponents like weapon and distance. We also thrown in a wall hack and an experience hack but we noticed that there are not many people that want to use these. However, you have them if you need them.

How to download and use the Complete Blackshot Hack Tool:

  1. Click on the download button below to get the latest version of the hack tool
  2. Extract the exe file from the archive
  3. Run it
  4. Click auto-update
  5. Press Inject Game Files
  6. Close the hack and open it again
  7. Enter your Game username
  8. Press Connect
  9. Leave the hack open
  10. Open the game
  11. Play a game
  12. When in the game press SHIFT+H
  13. The Hack GUI will appear
  14. Choose the options that you want
  15. Close the GUI
  16. Repeat steps 6 to 15 every time you want to play the game


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