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Clash Of Clans Hack v.2.7


clash of clans hackThis is the 2.7 version of the Clash Of Clans Hack, the latest one and the one that works the best at the moment. It is one that we worked a lot on and that offers you the possibility to add as many gems, gold and elixir as you want. This is a hack tool that is completely untraceable. That is because of the fact that the addition of the gems, gold and elixir is done in a way that it seems like everything is purchased. Other hacks can be caught because of the Upgrade ALL features and all those extras. This one cannot be caught and you will not have your account closed because you are caught cheating.

clash-of-clans-hack-screenshot1-300x261The Clash of Clans Hack works on iOS, Android, Windows and MAC. Make sure that you choose your operating system. In the event that you go for iOS or ANdroid, you need to have the device connected to your PC with the USB cable. Also, the game has to run when the hack is activated.

How To Use The Clash Of Clans Hack:

  1. Download from the link below
  2. Open “Clash Of Clans Hack v.2.7.exe” after you open your game on the device or on the Facebook interface.
  3. Enter your Facebook username (email address – no password required).
  4. Add how many resources you want.
  5. Select your operating system.
  6. Click “Start Hack” – Wait for the hack to finish and you are done.
  7. Refresh the game or restart it on iOS and Android and you will have your resources in Clash Of Clans.

Note: If the hack does not work, click UPDATE. The newest version will automatically be downloaded.


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  1. ?This DLC don’t support Windows XP? strange, a DLC that don’t support a operative system instead the full game does.

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