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PlayStation 3 Emulator For PC


We are really proud to offer this PlayStation 3 emulator for PC. It is a dream come true for so many gamers out there. This includes us. It is an emulator that you can use so that you play any PlayStation 3 game on the computer and you can do this for free because you can download the images from the internet and then load them with the use of software like Daemon Tools. After you mount the image of the game, all you really need to do is open the PlayStation 3 PC emulator and then open the image. You do that by simply clicking open and then going to the Virtual Drive that has the game.

playstation 3 emulator XDownload the PS 3 Emulator below and have fun with all the games that you want. We also plan on delivering some free PS3 games in the future that you can use with the emulator. Make sure to check the section often for new releases.

Click below to download the PlayStation 3 Emulator. You will need to complete a survey in order to gain access to the download but this is a move that was necessary since there are people that download such software and then sell it for money.


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WinRAR Password Remover Tool v6.5


password hacker for WinRARDid you ever forget the password to a zip or rar password or did you ever download a file from the internet that has a password and there is basically no mention of the password anywhere? If so, you surely understand how frustrating such a moment is. We have the solution for you and we can say that you will definitely be really happy with what we have to offer here. This is a program that is incredibly easy to use and it will basically bypass any archive password in just a few seconds.

The WinRAR Password Remover Tool v6.5 is the latest development of the software and it works in a really easy to understand way. It will basically decrypt the password, identify it, extract the files in the archive for you and then create a brand new archive that includes all the files but does not have any password. Keep in mind that with really large archives (IE. those for PS3 games) you will need to wait more until the program can offer the complete archive without a password. However, it is time well spent.

Take advantage of the wonderful opportunity offered by this program. All that you need to do to use it is download the setup file from below, install the software, run it, open an archive with it and press the EXTRACT button in it. The new archive, without the password, will appear instead of the old one.


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How to Use Blogger to Upload your Javascript (.js) files ?

How to Use Blogger to Upload your Javascript (.js) files ?

This post explains how to host javascript(.js) files in blogger itself, so you don’t need to worry about bandwidth limitations,etc:-

How to host Javascript files for Free with unlimited bandwidth ?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in the blogger community. There are tons of hosting providers out there who can help you host your .js files for Free, but all have some bandwidth limitations and also they are not very reliable.

But, the problem is even google sites have bandwidth limitations. So, if the bandwidth exceeds at a particular moment, the javascript files don’t load which results in complete template mess up.
So, if you have those kind of problems, here is a simple trick.
I’ll take Falkner Press template javascript files as an example.
If you look at the top of the template code, you see something like this:
how to host javascript files for free
So, as you can see, there are three javascript files (highlighted with colors) in the template. The files are hosted at google sites.
Copy each of those three links and paste them in your browser and download all those three files.
Now, open each file with Wordpad (not notepad) and copy that code.
Now, here is the trick…
Paste the code you copied (copied from first file) in your blogger template like this.

<script type=’text/javascript’>





paste the javascript code as shown like this
What about if you have 2 javascript files or three (like falkner press template) ? Simple! Just repeat the process again… like this..
Do like this for multiple files
And the Final and Most Important step… SAVE THE CHANGES 😉

Benefits of this trick:
» No file size limitations
» No bandwith limitations
» Super fast page loading (coz files are stored in blogger itself)

Run Your Android Apps On PC

Run Your Android Apps On PC

In this post I’m going to show you how to use free software called BlueStack . It is app player for windows where you can run all your favorite android apps on your pc .

1) Download and Install BlueStacks

2) You can download and use any android apps and run it on your pc. If you’re looking for specific app , click on App search and type specific app in the search bar . Click on it and download+installing process will begin .

3) Once you finished the installing app you’ll be able to run it. Just click the app icon .

How to sync your Android phone with PC

BlueStacks lets you sync apps, photos and SMS messages between your phone and PC? Here’s how:

1) If you want to sync your Android phone with PC. Go to Settings and click on Cloud Connect .

2) Set up your BlueStack account

3) Install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect app from the Android Market to your phone.
4)Open the app and pair your phone with your PC by typing in your PIN:
5)Select whether or not you want to receive SMS messages simultaneously on your PC via BlueStacks . Click “Login” and you are done!

Facebook Chat Hack Code

Facebook Chat Hack Code

Facebook is one of the most grown and growing social networks in the world. For the same reason, Facebook hacks and tricks are becoming more popular. Have you ever sent coloured text in your chat on facebook?Most probably the answer will be ‘no’.So check this out! Continue reading

Find Free Porn Sites Passes

Find Free Porn Sites Passes

first let me say that this won’t work for every site and people have probably already heard of this but just in case not here’s how you do it

1. Go to

2. Type this (with the quotes) “” replace with whatever site you want passwords for
e.g. “”

3. Click on this button

4. Click on the option that says “latest”

5. You should see search results with urls like this
where is the username for the account and is the password for the account

6. Go to the sites login page and enter the user name and password you got in step 5

7. Yay free pay porn

How To Search Emails In Gmail


How To Search Emails In Gmail

Hi, today I’ll show you simple gmail hack that search emails by size and age.

1. To search emails by age , for example older than 2 years , type in the search box


2. To search emails larger than 3MB , type



How To Convert YouTube Videos Into Mp3 Audio

How To Convert YouTube Videos Into Mp3 Audio

There may be instances in your life, while you search for a song in the internet (mp3) and fail to get it and at last found its video in YouTube or any similar sites.. so what will you do if you need only the mp3(audio) instead of video. Most of them download the song(video) using some YouTube downloaders and use some applications to convert it into mp3. These all need some time and consume your internet usage a lot. And it’s a tedious job. You may fail to get the output iff there is any error in your internet connection. But today I am with a simple trick with which you can convert your YouTube videos into mp3 online,without any software. Only you need is the url of the YouTube video. That’s all. Scroll down and enjoy the trick…..

Go to

In this field insert the url of the video

You can also select the quality

Click on ‘convert’
Then you will be taken to this page. When popup appear allow java applet.