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Call Of Duty 4 Undetected Multi Hack


Best Aimbot Technology ( you can’t find a better one in any hacks )
Silence Aimbot ( invisible aiming )
Normal Aimbot ( visible aiming )
Custom Shot Count
Speed fire
Custom aimbot Fov
Custom Aimbot Range or Auto Range for pump guns etc.
Vector Based or Bone based Aimbot


Weapon Pick-Up
Other Players Weapon
Player Names
C4 Show Up
Claymore Show Up


Full Time Radar
Weapon Positions
Pro Crosshair


Anti Nade
Force Kill Team with a rpg
Anti Spec Nade
No-Damage feedback
Auto Chicken
Cheat Dvar Unlocker
Console Unlocker
Write Protect Dvar Unlocker
Show Game Hud in Hardcore Servers

Start Elite CoD4bot.exe Choose Your cod4 iw3mp.exe executable and the game will be start automatic
Inside a server you can toggle the dvars for ex: /orgy_aimbot 1 would be On and 0 would be off 2 would be Silent

the dvars are Explained in the game Console

We maintain our hacks quality: without any virus, undetected, working and free. Please complete one easy 1-minute offer to download.

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