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Call Of Duty 4 – Best Auto Aim Hack

Looking for a working auto aim COD 4 hack? Look no further! This is the only one you will need! Here are 2 pictures with the hack on and off to see what to expect:

Call of duty 4 - No Hack

Call of duty 4 – No Hack

Call of duty 4 - Auto Aim Activated

Call of duty 4 – Auto Aim Activated

COD 4 auto aim hack features:

  • Perfect auto aim assist – kill them without them knowing where the shot came from
  • Wall hack included (customizable – not recommended as admins can see that)
  • Radar hack – see where everyone is on the hack
  • Autowall – the auto aim feature works through wall
  • Notepad customization possible

COD 4 auto aim cheat compatible with:

  • Windows 7 (32 bits and 64 bits) – 32 bits recommended – no chance of getting caught
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Not Working With Steam – the only small problem. working with everything else.

How To Use The COD 4 Auto Aim Hack

  1. Download the hack below:
  2. Right click on the Hack.exe file – select run as administrator
  3. Run the program and wait until it displays the finish message
  4. Close the program
  5. Open Call of Duty 4
  6. Enter a server (preferably non PB as security is much higher) and hit “ALT+SHIFT” 3 times. After that click 1 and the hack is activated.

Note: every time you want to play the game you will need to follow the steps above except number 1.

Extra customization:

  1. Go to the skins folder – find “click.wav”
  2. Right click and then open with Notepad
  3. Edit all the shortcuts you want to use and advanced features.

Download the COD 4 Hack:


If you enjoy the experience, please consider donating a dollar with the Paypal donation button to the right!

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