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Best Minecraft Chest Finder Mod


There are many different Minecraft mods available on the market at the moment. We did want to bring you the best one possible and that is exactly what we did.

Minecraft Chest Finder Mod Overview:

  • Requires ModLoader – does not break any other mod you might use.
  • It helps you to see ender chests, chests, beacons and mob spawners from quite far away.
  • Press CTRL+F in order to configure settings – many options available.
  • F to turn on the Mod or turn it off
  • Updater included – press to make sure you have the latest version. When one is available a notification will be offered.

Minecraft Mod Activated

Minecraft Mod Activated

How To Download And Use The Minecraft Chest Finder Mod:

  1. Click on the Download Button below.
  2. Complete one of the free offers completely to unlock the download.
  3. Download starts.
  4. Unzip “Minecraft Chest Mod 2.6.zip”.
  5. Open ModLoader. Open the mod and follow the indications above after you start playing Minecraft.


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Thoughts on “Best Minecraft Chest Finder Mod”

  1. My installer also stops responding at 94% percent. Anyone else having the same problem? Any fix?

  2. It’s awesome seein’ you on Heartstone! And don’t worry about? your deck’s, it’ll get better once you gain more knowledge at the game. Awesome video ^^

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