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Battlefield 4 Aimbot – 100% Undetectable

download battlefield 4 aimbot

Update done on 3rd of October 2015!

The Battlefield 4 aimbot is finally operational and we are so happy to announce it. This is version 1.0, one that is already filled with so many features and we are sure that you will love it. Every single Battlefield 4 player will love it and we are confident in saying that you will use it constantly after the first use.

Battlefield 4 Aimbot Features:

  • Notification for spotted – you will be told when a player spots you
  • XP Exploit – a little extra that brings in automatic experience gain when you are AFK
  • Anti-Ban protection – you basically get automatically kicked out before you can get banned with Punkbuster
  • Map ESP – in-game – every enemy will appear on the minimap
  • ESP Tagging – it will show distance, health, name and a lot more so that you can easily know everything you need to know about the opponents
  • GUI – a very good GUI that you can use in order to disable or enable aimbot hack features
  • The Precision Aimbot – you can use it to shoot legs, heads or arms. your choice.
  • Stabilization for the sniper rifle – weapon movements are removed when breathing
  • Zero Recoil – the weapon will not pull up when you shoot

Our aimbot hack cheat was developed by professionals and you can easily realize this when you see the list of features above.

How To Download And Use The Battlefield 4 Aimbot:

  1. Download Battlefield 4 Aimbot v1.0.zip from the link below
  2. Open the hack tool and run it
  3. Click Connect
  4. Open the Battlefield 4 game
  5. Enter a game
  6. Press SHIFT+H to bring up the GUI
  7. Choose the hack/aimbot features you want
  8. Close the GUI and kill them all


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Thoughts on “Battlefield 4 Aimbot – 100% Undetectable”

  1. If you can’t access because of this entry error: unable to read ‘config.sf’ file in C:\ProgramData.

    Run the sangfroidsetup archive inside of the ‘install’ folder that is in the installation folder and re crack


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