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Battlefield 3 Multi Hack V2.O Undetected

Awesome undetected hack for battlefield 3 with many options. With all this cool options you can easly act like you are not a cheater. Our team played with this hack on few servers and everyone asked us if we would join the gaming clans. Finally you can pwn your enemy and win every round. This hack comes with the features below:

– Updated daily

-Supported on  PC, PS3 and XBOX (There is 3 install instructions)

– Wallhack (Player Distance, Player Mark etc…)

-Aimbot ( Smooth, Head, Torso)

-No Spread (Ctrl + F1)
This prevents bullets from spreading.

– Level Hack (Get Max LVL) – NEW!

– Reduce Recoil (Ctrl + F2)
Every gun have recoil. Yours not.

– Steady Shot(Ctrl + F3)
You can hold your breath for as long as you want.

We maintain our hacks quality: without any virus, undetected, working and free. Please complete one easy 1-minute offer to download.

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