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Batman Arkham Origins – Multiplayer Trailer

The popularity of the Batman games is definitely huge and it seems that this is not going to change. The newest trailer for the Batman Arkham Origins game was released and it features hints that you can play in multiplayer mode (surely for both PS3 and XBox). We get to see the Joker and Bane bad guys and we get a glimpse of the Dark Knight and Robin in this quite short but actioned filled multiplayer trailer. Enjoy!


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Thoughts on “Batman Arkham Origins – Multiplayer Trailer”

  1. Pepo let’me show you, your crack and Skidrow’s crack…


    See the difference?

    The loading screen is more quick on 1.1

  2. why when i start this game,its just black screen with sound.And if i close the game from task manager it say “The application was unable to start correctyly (0xc00000a5).Click OK to close the application.” PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Won’t start & keeps giving “entry point not found” (ntdll.dll) error. This should work on Win XP & DX9 – this error usually has to do with DirectX (seen it before). Drivers are newest & XP says that DirectX is also.

    Never mind / Forget it / Deleting this : Just read about stupid things like, enemies shooting & killing your guys thru (steel / concrete / wooden etc.) walls & floors. Then game giving you “no line of sight” crap, as you try to shoot back.

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