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Backyard Monsters Hack Tool v 3.2


backyard monsters hack toolThere were many that wanted a Backyard Monsters Hack Tool so we did decide to update one of the old ones to the new version, make it more effective and completely ban proof. You cannot be caught when using it and you will love the addition of different proxies, making every single addition of materials and shiny seem 100% legit.

Backyard Monsters Hack Tool Features:

  • Will work anywhere with an internet connection and on any browser
  • Works with a proxy included so that security is top notch
  • Add as many materials as you want
  • Add as much Shiny as you want
  • Auto account search – no need to input passwords

How To Use The Backyard Monsters hack:

  1. Download the hack from the link below
  2. Open the hack
  3. Log into Backyard Monsters in Facebook and start playing
  4. Go back to the hack and press Auto-Detect Backyard Monsters
  5. Upon being successful, choose how many resources to add
  6. Click ADD Resources


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Thoughts on “Backyard Monsters Hack Tool v 3.2”

  1. I had downloaded the 1.55 gb, but after the join with Hjsplit and after the attempt to extract with 7zip, the program said the file was damaged and could not extract it -_-

  2. for everyone that having problem on loading screen and sound not playing, try repairing your directx 9

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