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Backyard Monsters Hack 2015

Backyard Monsters Hack 2015

Backyard Monsters is a game created by Kixeye with David Scott as its co-founder,where players create and manage a base filled with monsters in their backyard. This backyard is part of a larger world where many other players attack, defend, and build, all trying to create the greatest backyard empire. It can be seen as a mix of Desktop Tower Defense, Travian, and The Space Game. The game currently runs on Facebook, Kongregate.


What’s the features?

  • Generators:
  1. Twigs
  2. Pebbles
  3. Putty
  4. Goo
  5. Shiny
  6. Level Hackinh
  • Quite simple look, but it’s nice and easy to navigate
  • Connecting To the Global Proxy List, And Scraping The Fresh Ones Automatically
  • Levelling up is now much easier!
  • It’s Working In Every Country, Supports Every Langague Version
  • Supports EVERY Browser
  • Secure and Undetectable
  • Working on Every Windows supported platform, some Mac Installation, and Linux (using WINE)
  • User-friendly interface



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